The majority of positive Torah mitzvos that are applicable today when there's no Beis HaMikdash, are Bein Adam L'Chaveiro. Most of the rest are derabannan. Come and develop into a vechalachto b'drachav - someone who walks in the ways of Hashem.
Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, shlit"a, Rabbinical Advisor of the Hilchos Bein Adam L'Chaveiro Program
First Shiur is on February 9th
How a Ben Torah Can Gain Mastery of Hilchos Bein Adam L'Chaveiro
  • This is a structured online program for avreichim and working Bnei Torah 
  • Its ​based on Kollel Linas Hatzedek’s sheets of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, shlit"a.
  • Transform yourself and your relationships with other people to the next level. Become the type of person you always wanted to be.
  • ​Build a family without fights, discord, and jealousy. A family known for its excellence in Bein Adam L’Chaveiro.
  • Option to be part of an online chabura with a weekly Zoom shiur (or to do it at one's own pace) taught by Rav Yehonasan Gefen, talmid muvhak of Rav Berkovits, shlit"a
  • ​Sources are from the Gemara through to the modern poskim with clear explanations both in Hebrew and in English 
  • ​Hundreds of Bnei Torah from six continents have participated in our programs
  • ​Upon completion of optional tests participants receive a certificate signed by Rav Berkovits
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Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits Speaking About How Hilchos Bein Adam LChaveiro Program Can Impact Someone's Life
What talmidim say about our Halacha programs:
"I would love to sit in Yeshiva half a day, but I have different hours. For me, as a dentist, Rabbi Gefen's ... program allowed for the flexibility I needed. I’d always do Daf Yomi for many years, but always off and on. So I was looking for something with some structure and with an end goal. Rabbi Gefen's program enabled me to not only learn, but to retain what I learned in a structured way and the tests were very helpful. I felt like I accomplished something, I made a kinyan on something. I felt finally: I know it, I took a part of Torah and I was konei it. The material it covers starts from Gemara and Rishonim and brings it down to the Halacha l'Maisa. It's great. I feel like I know what's going on. The kids also see what the father is doing and it sets the tone for what's important in the family. Believe it or not, it has hashpah on many other areas."
Dr. Eric Leibowitz
Brooklyn NY

"Rabbi Gefen ran his ... program for our Kollel in Johannesburg. We achieved tremendous clarity ... both in sugyas and in psak which is what you want when you learn Halacha. It is an excellent, well designed, and thorough program with a lot of support. I highly recommend it."
Rabbi Micha Kaplan
Avrech = Maharsha Community Kollel 
Menahel- Maharsha Boys High School
Johannesburg, South Africa

I spent some time searching for a program which combines the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time with a high level of learning which would normally only be found in a Yeshiva or Kollel environment. The supporting material (in Hebrew and English) is excellent and my questions on the sugyas were always answered in a responsive and prompt fashion. For people like me who are working full-time, this program was ideal.... There are chiddushim in every shiur. The .... course transported my learning to a completely different level. In my experience, it is unique and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Shlomo Gross
Yerushalayim (originally from London)
Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen grew up in London. He never imagined becoming a Rabbi, and certainly did not see himself as someone teaching Torah to hundreds of people.  Yet, after twenty years of intensive learning, Rabbi Gefen found his calling as a disseminator of Halacha, with particular focus on the wide-ranging and highly relevant halachos of Shabbos.  This turned into the online 'Kinyan Hilchos Shabbos Program' that has been drawing hundreds of talmidim from around the world who testify to the inestimable value of this course, and how it has a tremendous positive effect not only on themselves but on their entire families. Rabbi Gefen has now focused his efforts on creating the same structured program about sugyos of Bein Adam L’chaveiro as well and making it available for serious and motivated Bnei Torah.
Rabbi Gefen is a very close student of HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits shlit’a and was a Rosh Chabura in his famed Kollel for over eight years. Rabbi Gefen developed a deep understanding of the laws of Bein Adam L'Chaveiro beginning with the Gemara sources, going through the gamut of Rishonim and Acharonim, and reaching the practical halacha. Using Kollel Linas HaTzedek's Rav Berkovits’ tremendous source sheets, Rabbi Gefen took on the monumental task of translating these sheets into English, adding the main opinions of the Poskim. In this way, a busy working Ben Torah or an avrech with limited time, using both Hebrew and English materials, can learn Hilchos Bein Adam L'Chaveiro with all the relevant sources.
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